Saturday Sillies!

As I’ve said before in my house you are always going to hear something funny. That has been true this past week and I just want to share some of them with you guys.

Mommy driving around town and waiting for a slow car so she can turn

“Come on dudealicious”

Danielle: “I’m not licious”

Driving back from our baking day at my mom’s house listening to Danielle talk about the love of her life and future husband Diego

“I love him!”
“I’m going to invite him over to my house to sleep in my bed with me”
“We are going to get married in a little church”
“Then we are going to kiss!!”

This one isn’t from the kids, but from the furbaby. As I stated before we were baking so I had some of my favorite cookies. I set them on my night stand for me to enjoy while I was reading my book. Well I had to walk away and take care of a few things before I could sit down and read.

I finally came back to my room and noticed I only had one cookie left on the bed (started out with 4), however Zeus was sitting on the bed in a pile of cookie crumbs licking his lips!!


When the girls were trying to pick out a movie to watch one afternoon, Veronica wanted to watch Lady and the Tramp. Danielle didn’t so Veronica tried to explain to her what the movie was about:
“They get a puppy for Christmas, then he rescues her, then she rescues him. They have puppy and then eat a plate of spaghetti”

You know if kids wrote what went on the back of movies it might be easier to pick one out.


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