What Do You Hear?

The girls have a new favorite thing to do before bed. They love to crawl into bed with me and read stories to my belly. After a day out of town we found a book that Danielle could “read” to my belly. Yes she is just reciting from memory, but I have never heard a cuter voice and a story read with more love!!

You will have to excuse the ugly window unit in the background. As I have stated before Texas summers plus pregnant woman does not equal happiness! Also my husband was the cameraman so you will have to ignore the shots of my gigantic boobs. They are his favorite part of pregnancy.

P.S. I tried really hard to get this posted in time for “Flip Cam Friday”, but hubster was playing a new game on the internet and got up set with how bad my upload lagged out his game. Therefore I had to upload it while we were sleeping.

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