Painting with my daughter!

Anywhere you look in my home you will find a painting hanging on the wall. They are all done by my grandma. She was on artist and painted for a living. I remember sitting in her painting room and watching her sit tune the whole world out and just paint. Sometimes she would use those time to have one of her famous “grandma talks” with me. Growing up I sometimes found those times to be boring, however now I find myself longing for the slow paced time with no cares in the world.

One of my favorite paintings of her that's over my fireplace.

I never tried to paint, I knew I could never be as good as her so I left the painting to her. However through the magic of facebook I discovered Painting with a Twist. It’s a place for adults to get together drink wine (or anything they want) and paint a picture. There is an instructor giving step by step instructions so everyone is painting the same thing and even someone like me with no talent can walk away with a beautiful painting. Well on Saturdays they have family days where you can bring your children. So Veronica and I headed to Conroe for a Mommy Daughter Day.

Here are the pictures from our adventure:

First we had to paint the whole canvas red.

Next make the outline for the butterfly
Now color it in
Add some color to the wings and you have a beautiful Summer Butterfly!

I had tons of fun with painting with my little Veronica. She has already asked to go back, and the hubster wants to try it one day too. So I’ll keep watching their calendar for something that we want to paint and we will go back. I must be honest it was very relaxing to just sit there and listen to music and paint. I found myself moving ahead of the teacher as I was figuring out what was next. I might just have to look into setting myself up a place to paint when I need to relax a bit.

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