Grace, Faith and Hope

First there was Grace. An angel doll given to Veronica by her Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy. That doll has not left her side in 5 years. She tells me that Grace is her best friend and where she stores all of her feelings and hopes and dreams.


Grace has been loved so much that she is wearing her second dress because the first one was too worn out. She is also pretty dirty, the girls don’t like for their dolls to “take a bath”. 🙂

When Danielle came along and started looking at Grace and trying to steal her I knew we needed to get her a doll. So Faith came into our home. Danielle sleeps with her every night, though she doesn’t have the same attachment that Veronica has to Grace just yet.


When we found out that new baby was going to be a girl I knew I had to get her a doll also. So I present to you Hope. I hope that my daughter gets as much enjoyment out of her doll as my other two daughters have.


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