Saturday Shorts

Well interwebz I’m doing the shorts today because I have a lot of things on my mind and tomorrow I leave for a 3 day technology conference and I can’t promise how much blogging I will be able to do. So here is a bunch of random stuff going on in my head put in a nice neat orderly list just for you guys!

1. I’m did a lot more than I should have this weekend, I’m hoping my conference doesn’t knock me on my bed for the rest of the week.

2. Swimming while pregnant is pure bliss!! I can move around, I can attack the kids under water, I feel like my old self when I’m playing in the water. It’s nice to have the pressure taken off my body.

3. Hubster will be on vacation next week. That means he’s going to be with us all week. I have promised him one day to himself, but it sure will be nice to have him around.

4. My mom has moved!! This is good for her and I’m excited about the place she moved to and how it will help her out. Even though she has lived walking distance from me for about 7 years now.

5. Just finished watching The King’s Speech with the hubster, it was a really good movie. I like that through netflix we seem to be finding lots of movies that make both of us happy.

6. Veronica is spending the night with Matka tonight so Danielle is all alone. D started crying because she wanted someone to sleep with her. After she and I talked a bit she said that Zeus would be good. Well Zeus got up in bed with her and stayed there until Danielle fell asleep. Then he jumped out. He’s such a good dog. He sure does love his little girls.

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