A new obsession!

Today Veronica is at work with her daddy and Danielle and I are at home. Well D asked if she could spend the day in my bed watching cartoons. I have been more than happy to give her such a day.

However while playing on my laptop I have discovered an amazing little piece of the internet world!!

It’s called Pinterest! The easiest way to explain it is a visual internet bookmark that you can share with your friends! You can find everything there. It’s where I found a new quote that I send to my mother-in-law the journalism teacher: “Life is like photography, you use the negatives to develop”.

It’s where I found this cute dress idea that I begged my Aunt Mary to make for me.

It’s where I found this recipe that I will try one saturday morning for my family!

It’s where I have just put together Danielle’s next birthday party even though it isn’t happening until February! The best part is that it will keep all of my ideas together and in one spot. It even gives you a bookmark so you can go to ANY website “pin” something to add it to your account.

It’s where I spent an entire day sitting in bed doing nothing with my daughter! Feel free to join and we can share ideas! If you do join, come follow me so we can share things.

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