It’s here!!

Summer that is! While there probably won’t be a lot of sleeping late in my house, there will be a lot of fun and relaxing. This morning we started out by jumping in the pool at 8:00 a.m.!! Knowing that it was so early I put a time limit on our swimming and they both crawled out of the pool 2 hours later. I only made it for 1 hour and then just sat there and read my book.

We’ve watched movies and done really a whole lot of nothing. I’m planning on this week just being a whole lot of nothing and getting a few things done around the house here and there. This will give the whole family a chance to relax. Then we will let the real fun begin!!

I have to go ahead and apologize for the lack of pictures. I seem to have broken the good camera I was using and there are other more important things right now. So I’m down to just my phone to take pictures with. I’m hoping to have a new one before the baby gets here.

Anyway I hope all of you are able to stay cool this summer. I promise you that is not a problem at my house!

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