Add one more thing to the list.

I have spoken many times about how wonderfully awesome my husband is, about how lucky I am to have him in my life. Being married for almost 9 years I sometimes find myself saying “Wow I know everything there is to know about this man and I still love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Then there are nights when I learn that I am wrong. Not about the rest of my life sappy stuff, but about the know everything stuff.

Take the other night for example. We were browsing through out netflix que looking at all the new movies and tv shows that were available. As usual I commented on some show that I couldn’t believe he had not watched, and then he did the same about me. However then he said something that shocked me. He said ” Now Night Court, I never missed an episode of Night Court”. Interwebz that was my show!! I could not go to sleep until I watched Night Court, rerun or not. It was part of my going to bed routine. I didn’t sleep well on the weekends because it wasn’t on.

Sometimes for me all that truly matters are the little things.

One thought on “Add one more thing to the list.

  1. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes it seems like we have spent our whole lives together as friends, and that we have talked about everything there is to talk about. I know I constantly find myself forgetting I had a “life before my wife”. I have to remind myself sometimes that there are still parts of me you don’t know about because you simply weren’t around yet and they just simply haven’t come up in conversation.

    I guess for me, the question becomes… is that normal? Not that we really care one way or the other… but I often wonder if other people’s lives intertwine so closely that they forget that there ever was something else.

    Now, if you can just convince your husband to spend more time watching TV instead of doing other stuff so we can share more of that kind of stuff :0)

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