What A Week!!

Well let me go back exactly one week from today and update you guys on where I have been and what has been going on!

::Cue fuzzy flashback image::

It’s Friday April 29th. A night I look forward to every single year. It’s our relay for life. My family is all geared up. Our friends are in town to join us. Our team is ready to go and make some money for Cancer research. We get there are 5:00. We walk, we visit with friends, we listen to the Childrens Choir, we walk, we eat, we walk. It was another amazing heart warming night. I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though I didn’t stay all night, I still enjoyed myself.

Then I Saturday came. Saturday was the in-laws annual crawfish boil. Yes they have been doing one every weekend, but this one was “The One”. So we went out there. We played in the sun. I got the keys to the farm truck from my father in-law and my hubster drove me out to look at “my land”. (It’s not my land yet, but one day I really want it to be). We had an awesome time with family and friends. Both my girls got sun burned from playing in the swimming pool.

Sunday I knew we were going to rest. We all needed it, not just me. So we did some laundry and not really anything else. At one point I went and sat on the couch while my girls we were watching a movie. I happened to fall asleep and as soon as I woke up, all hell broke loose!!

The pain!! I couldn’t move. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to sit, stand, lay down, everything just hurt!! There was numerous times I wanted to call for an ambulance I was hurting so bad. I told myself that I just over did it over the weekend and that I would be better when I woke up. Well that might of worked, but I couldn’t sleep. The pain was too bad!!

So monday morning I decided to go school. Thinking maybe I could just “work it out”. I didn’t see the point in staying home since there was nothing I could do to stop the pain. I figured might as well be at school. Well interwebz I was yelled at by everyone I work with! I was told to go sit back down. I was told that I shouldn’t be at work. I was told that I knew better then to have such a wild and crazy weekend. It was all done out of love and concern, it was actually nice to hear those things.

Tuesday I started feeling a bit better, but I went to the doctor. She yelled at me too!! It seems I have a bladder infection and was about to have heat stroke. So I have to limit my exciting weekends from now on and take it easy. Wednesday back at school everyone wanted a full report. Then they proceeded to make sure I was always following my doctor’s orders. They would say things like “you have been standing too long, go sit down”. Or why are you drinking that sprite, go get some water? Once again it’s all done out of love.

Thursday I spent the whole day in meetings, so I had a sub and go to play in the front office for a day. It has made me really miss working at in an office situation. My wheels are turning hard about my masters degree, and my future. I still love my job and the people I work with. As I told my principal, I love both my jobs and wish I could do it one for 1/2 a day. 🙂

Friday was what every Friday in May is at a school, but we all happily survived. This weekend well this weekend won’t be so wild. This weekend will be slow and easy and just about my little family.

Next weekend however! We are taking the girls to buy their bunk beds!! Shhhhh….they still think they have to wait another month, but we found some that we like better and are cheaper!!

There are only 18 school days left of this school year! WooHoo!

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