18 Weeks!

Well we are officially 18 weeks now. Let me update you guys a bit.

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1. We still don’t know the gender of the baby. At my last appointment my doctor said “let’s do an ultrasound so we can see what the baby is” Well the answer as to what the baby is, is STUBBORN!! Every time she looked the legs were crossed. She then went to hear the heartbeat (different machine) and went back to the ultrasound to look again. Do you know what my little Obi did then? Well it uncrossed it’s legs and put it’s hand in front of the goods!! This kid is coming out to some spankings right away! We have our next appointment scheduled for the end of May and since I’m having the 3-D ultrasound then I’m taking the girls out of school for the day so they can see the baby. We did this with Veronica and she loved it. I think it will make things more real for Danielle.

2. I seem to be over the fatigue some. I still don’t really want to get up in the morning, but I keep finding it harder and harder to go to sleep.

3. I have some new cravings. The other night as I was in bed getting ready to go to sleep I asked hubster if we had any olives. Luckily we did!! In two days I have eaten that whole jar. I also love chips and salsa, I mean I always have, but right now I’m making sure I get some every day.

4. The emotional roller coasters are going crazy right now! The other night I was in bed and Hubster crawled in next to me and I started sobbing. He asked me what he did to upset me all I could say was “I don’t know”. Then not 30 seconds later we were both cracking up laughing. Another evening I started crying because I had sent a joke to a friend in a text message and she didn’t text me back. I re-read that message 5 times to make sure there was nothing in it that could have upset her.

5. Hubster and I have been throwing out more names for the baby. Of course he won’t talk seriously about it since we still don’t know what kind of name we need. We have some good ones though and I can’t wait to share our ideas with you guys.

6. I have been a little sad because I still haven’t been able to buy any baby things, or set up the nursery. I know that time is coming. We have decided on a theme. I have pictures from the ren fest of pocket dragons that mean the world to me. So we have decided to leave the dragon pictures and turn the nursery into “Happy Dragons”. If it’s a boy we can go with Knights and girl we can go with the ever popular Princesses. It’s going to be a challenge to put a nursery together with happy dragons, but I think I can do it!

7. Veronica has been saying something to me that just makes me smile. She keeps telling me that she can’t wait for summer because then I will really be showing. She says she likes it when I’m pregnant. Danielle has enjoyed looking at the size of the baby on the laptop. Every time I have it open she says she wants to see the baby. so we go and look at development pictures and talk about what’s growing and where the baby is.

8. I have started to feel movement!! It’s not much and it’s not every day. Just little flutters here and there. If this wasn’t my 3rd child I might not know what I was feeling.

9. Sneezing sucks. I feel a little stress in my body when I pick up something heavy. I won’t even talk about my boobs, it’s getting painful to even put a shirt on.

Well I guess that’s about the best pregnancy update I can give you guys. Nothing too unusual. So far this is the easiest pregnancy of the 3. However we haven’t started with the real fun yet.

I went to try and find a good 18 week ultrasound (since I don’t have one) but didn’t see any. So instead I leave you with this, enjoy!

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