Sunday Shorts

What a beautiful weekend!!!

1. Today all 4 of us got our hair cut! I love the feeling of a brand new hair cut. Veronica had a rough time getting hers done but it looks totally cute now. It’s a little shorter so I’m hoping we have less of the hair brushing drama.

2. Veronica got her ears pierced today. She has been asking for it to be done for awhile and we finally did it. She keeps looking at herself in the mirror. She is looking so grown up.

3. To finish out our day in the big city we went and saw Rio. It was such a cute movie. The colors were so vibrant and the songs were fun.

4. We have our mini family vacation all booked for this summer. I’m glad we are able to do something together, even if it isn’t as big as our trip last year.

5. I only have to work 4 days this week!! Woohoo for 3 day weekend.

6. I don’t think I can watch Tangled any more!! We bought it on itunes so we have it on the apple tv. This means that the dvd can’t get “lost” and that the kids can watch it All THE TIME!! They get dressed quickly in the morning so they have time to watch it in the morning. The watch it as soon as they get home from school. They watch it when they wake up on the weekends and they watch it before bed. I need to find my girls a new movie soon, or else I’m going to go crazy!

I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks, even though the Science TAKS test is right around the corner. I hope you all have a great week.

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