A story from my childhood.

I have lots of memories from growing up. I have spoken about some of them. Being the child of a single parent I did spend a lot of time home alone. I actually enjoyed it because I got to watch all the cartoons I wanted to watch. Compared to the cartoons that are available today I had much better cartoons available to me (which is why my kids watch the same shows I use to watch). Anyway besides cartoons I also had lots, I mean LOTS of stuffed animals. I still have a few of them to this day but there is one that I look back on very fondly.

I think to think I was a pretty good child growing up. I kept my room neat, made my bed every morning without having to be told. I liked my room to be pretty. Well there was one weekend when the house needed cleaning. Being the kid that I was I offered to clean the house, but I wanted something in return. So my mom and I worked out a deal, if I cleaned the house she would buy me a 20.00 toy at the store.

Fast forward to a clean house and arriving at the store. I went to the toy aisle and I directly to what I wanted. It was a wuzzle. It was purple and pink, half elephant and half kangaroo. I wanted that one because it was cute and it had a pocket where I could store things. I have never forgotten that wuzzle. Sadly he was loved so much that I don’t have it anymore, but I do have memories of him.

There was even a wuzzle cartoon for a short time.

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