Now Loading

In the age of the internet those two words Now Loading mean that you are about to watch a video, play a game, listen to music or something else that takes some time to download. At 2 years old my Danielle understood this perfectly. Anytime she opened a game on my iphone she would say “it’s loading moma”. I thought about these two little words often and how much their meaning has changed. In my day “now loading” meant we were all getting in the car, or we were loading up the band bus to go to marching contest. To my grandparents now loading meant loading up the trailer with cows to haul off to auction. Even before that now loading meant putting the family in a covered wagon and moving west. It’s funny to me how 2 simple words can mean so much.

Times are still changing. Now we can find OMG, LOL and guesstimate in the dictionary. When I heard that I was sad. My first thought was “Shakespeare would be rolling around in his grave”. Now longer to we speak in Old English, now we speak in text.

My husband brought up another major change to me this week. He heard on the news that they would no longer produce standard light bulbs any more. Hubster brought it to m attention that the baby I am pregnant with right now will never know a light bulb as I do. When we watch a cartoon show and a character pulls a string and a light turns on, I’m going to have to explain what that is. What is going to light up the next time someone has a bright idea? Will it be a spiral energy saver light bulb? Will it still be the old light bulb?

What new things are in store for us? I know there are new things happening daily for me at work right now. I find myself so excited about these changes I see happening. So while I might never speak in text speak unless I’m sending a text message. I will probably also buy a box of light bulbs just to save to explain to my kids one day. Change is good. Change is necessary. I don’t like all of it and I wish some things would never change. However I will embrace all of it as best I can.

Though I don’t agree to do that with my daughter’s birthday. 7 years old is 3 years away from double digits. That’s 3ish years away from PMS. That’s halfway to a teenager interwebz. That’s 9 years till driving. What happened to my baby???

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