How can 3 little dots say so much?

Admit it, you have done it. Someone has e-mailed you a question and you have answered their question but followed your answer with the three little dots…

I have done it, and I have it done to me pretty often. I always wonder what those 3 little dots are suppose to say. When my father in law answers with 3 little dots I know that those dots are a message of something that he wants me to know but doesn’t want to type out. I like to pride myself that after 9 years in his family I’m pretty good at “reading the dots” but sometimes I have to ask my husband. That conversation usually goes like “what is he not saying that I’m not hearing in this e-mail”?

When my principal e-mails back with the 3 little dots I try not to worry about them. I try to just look at it as she can’t always say what she truly wants to say.

Funny thing about those little dots, I never think of them as a typo and I don’t think they ever are. I think they are just a message to the person receiving the e-mail, or text message that there is something else there but they have to figure it out on their own.

So then my next question becomes if we are going to respond why don’t we all just say what we want to say instead of letting the dots do all the talking? Not everyone pays enough attention and thinks about those dots like I do. So just think about it next time you see an e-mail and those three little dots are in there.

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