Sunday Shorts

Well it seems that I am not the only blogger in my family anymore. Hubster has picked up his blog again and has started laughing at me saying that since he has started blogging I have stopped. Well it’s not that I have stopped, it’s that I’m tired and grumpy and just nothing exciting is going on. I don’t think my readers want to hear about me throwing up every morning. So here are our weekly shorts.

1. Monday and Tuesday we have the TAKS test. Very long boring days, but at least after it’s over the stress starts to ease up.

2. Friday afternoon after all the teachers left my office staff did an amazing thing in the 5th grade hall. They decorated for the TAKS test. Walking in the hallway on saturday made me excited about the TAKS test.

3. I have a new spider in my classroom. The kids are excited. I must say that this one is bigger and more active then my last spider. I’m hoping I can keep this one alive.

4. I am about to do something sneaky, here’s hoping it goes the way I would like it to go.

5. April Fool’s Day was wonderful at my school. The teachers and I decided to make “Fool’s Food” and I made a kitty litter cake. It was fun to see the fake food and everyone’s reactions to it.

6. I have been very busy at school, besides just my normal stuff I have been teaching technology classes to other teachers. It has been an eye opening experience for me.

7. My baby girl Veronica is going to turn 7 this week. How do I have a 7 year old?

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