What am I teaching my kids?

So the other day while shopping with Veronica for food so asked me if I got permission from daddy to buy something (I don’t remember what it was anymore). I laughed and told her no that I didn’t need permission to from daddy to buy something. Then she kind of looked at me and said “Are you sure mommy?”.

So this makes me wonder, what am I teaching my girls? I have always been an independent person. I even had one guy say the only reason he wouldn’t date me was because I was too independent and it scared him. I will admit that when I was pregnant with Veronica I had to let a lot of my independence go. I had to allow my husband to take care of me. Something that I hated at first, but honestly grew to love. Sadly I probably grew to love it more then I should have. Looking at my house now it has become a 1950’s home only in reverse. Hubster cooks dinner. Hubster does the dishes. Hubster gets the girls to bed. All while I sit around. I have used the pregnancy excuse, and trust me I know it’s only going to get worse with what I’m able to help with around the house while being pregnant. Hubster is starting to feel it and has asked me to help out more. I know that I need to and I’m working on it, though the energy level of a pregnant person isn’t very high.

So I’m hoping that I can teach my girls about being independent. I’m hoping I can teach them that there isn’t a defined list of “women’s work” or “men’s work”. I’m hoping I can teach them to be more aggressive and go after what they want.

I did something very aggressive tonight (see previous post). Hubster wasn’t 100% sure I did it correctly, but it felt right in my heart so I did it. I created something for my father in-law. Once I know how he takes it I might let you know what it is. I did it because I felt it would be a good thing for him and even something he and I could share. There are wall between us that I have put up for fear of being hurt and I thing it’s time to start taking some of those down. So tonight I made my first move. Was I nervous? Yes. Did I have to send the e-mail before I could talk myself out of it? Yes. However at the same time it was thrilling. I use to do stuff like that all the time. I just to just see what needed to be done and take care of it.

So I’m going to work on regaining my independence, not because I let someone take it, but because I gave too much of it away. I still won’t be fighting hubster on the chance to wash the dishes. 🙂

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