Hired Help

So with the move into the new house and the addition of the new backyard I knew we were going to have to start doing yard work again. I also knew that with me being pregnant and much of the house duties falling on hubster that it would be best to find someone to help with this yard work. I asked around and I have a friend with a couple of high school age boys that offered to do the work.

So this weekend was their first time coming over and working. We didn’t have a whole lot of work for them. Just some help cleaning up the yard. They were wonderful boys and they did an awesome job working on our yard. I have just never been that nervous in my life. I cleaned up the yard before they came over to clean them up. I felt bad every time I sat down and saw them out the window working. I felt bad that they were having to do my work for me.

It’s the reason I don’t like to get my hair cut and my nails done. It’s the reason that while I enjoyed going to the spa I felt bad at the same time.

I will have them back because I know I need the help and like I said they were great. I just have to come to terms with needing the help. It’s funny I have always joked that I would be one of those people that would clean the house before a maid came over….I beginning to think that is true.

One thought on “Hired Help

  1. WOW thats so nice that they can come over and help~have the girls bake them some cookies and make them lemonade ~and dont worry you know I would be the same way 😛

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