The joys of Spring!

It’s that time of year. The time when parents everywhere stop on the side of the highway and to take pictures of their kids dressed up in a field of blue bonnets. I don’t know a single Texas person that hasn’t done this at least one in their life. No one questions it. Cops don’t stop and ask what you are doing when then see a family of 5 crawl out of the mini van with a camera on the side of the road. Some times you even see a back up of cars waiting for one family to finish in that “perfect spot”.

Well in our new house we have the pleasure of having blue bonnets in our back yard. So it means no stopping on the side of the road of us, of course since it’s also the state flower it means no mowing the yard for awhile.

Everything sure is pretty this time of year.

Well today my family and I took advantage of the awesome weather we were having. We ignored the clothes that needed to be folded, we ignored the beds that needed to be made and we stayed outside all day. First we picked up the yard then we grilled lunch outside on the grill. After a quick nap time the girls and I planted an herb garden.

We planted tomatoes and all different kinds of peppers and herbs that we knew daddy would love to cook with.

Putting in the peppers with care.
Danielle kept saying that the plants were baby's and she was trying so hard to be gentle.
Can't wait to eat the fresh tomatoes!
Daddy and Danielle planting together.
"Ok Mommy we are ready for you the water the plants"

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