At my house we have a very simple bedtime routine. First we make the bed if it wasn’t already made that day, then we turn on the “good night” music on the t.v., and then we crawl into bed. On nights when hubster isn’t as tired as me he generally rubs my back or plays with my hair as I fall asleep. Well I will admit that I love this part of being married, but I tend to get annoyed when he falls asleep in the middle of rubbing my back.

Well tonight was normal he was rubbing my back and then just all of a sudden stopped. So I do my normal tricks to get him to start rubbing again. I will generally move my back so he knows I’m still awake, or I will start rocking myself to gently wake him back up so he can continue. I know what you are thinking and we all agree that I’m spoiled!

Well this time neither of those tricks worked. So I softly called his name, but got no response. My next plan is to roll over, shake his hand and hit him on the arm. This of course wakes him up! When he asked why I woke him up, I told him it was to tell him he had fallen asleep! All he could say was “Duh! The lights are out and the music is playing….what did you expect?” As he rolled over to get comfy and away from his crazy wife, he added ” you better blog about this so everyone can laugh at how crazy you are!”

So there you have it, a little glimpse in what it means to live with me!! Feel free to laugh away intwebz!

Now that I have blogged the story I’m going to try to fall asleep without my back being rubbed, wish me luck!


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