Few Words Wednesday

Well the girls and I had a wonderful time in Fort Worth visiting cousin Ethan. He is just the cutest baby around, and always so full of smiles! I am back home relaxing now, but my girls are off having a good time with their grandparents in Branson. Hubster and I have been enjoying our freedom this week. We sleep late, pick up and go when we want to, eat at whatever time of day we want and watch anything on the t.v. It’s been really nice. I seem to have gotten a nasty chest cold so I have been able to stay in bed and be lazy.

Here are a few pictures from my phone of our weekend with Ethan. I will pull the better ones off my camera later on.

Danielle begged to hold him all weekend, and got excited when I finally let her.

Everyone had a good time at the zoo!

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