I am currently in a love/hate relationship!

There are certain rules we have in our house when I’m pregnant. One is that I don’t discuss baby names with hubster until we know the gender of the baby and two is that we don’t get set on anything until the baby is here. We are both firm believers that baby names themselves and if you wait and listen they will tell you what they are supposed to be called.

Well in a moment of weakness one night while we were lying in bed hubster and I were tossing around names. We just happened to come up with one that we both loved: Walter Ryan. I know that face you are making, I made it too. I can’t love this name! Walter is not the name of a cute little bouncing baby boy, or even a teenager, Walter is the name of a grumpy old man!

First there is this Walter. The crazy guy from Fringe that has a pet cow and performed experiments on children. You never know what he’s thinking or what he’s going to do, but it makes for great t.v.

Second there is this Walter and if you have ever watched Jeff Dunham you know what a grumpy old man he his. While he can bring an audience to their knees with laughter and jokes he really is nothing more then a grumpy old man.

Third there is this Walter. If you are into old school comics like I am you know that this Walter is a grumpy old man who hates kids and anything that has to do with them. He just wants to be left alone with his garden and not be bothered by the menacing child next door.

Here is the problem with all of this. I love old men! Not like I’m going to run around and marry me a man who’s about to die so I can have his money, but I think they are cute and sweet. I love how they still call their wives of 60 years their bride. I love how they can be so grumpy and mean but send a 3 year old girl to ask them a question and their heart just melts. I love how they do little things to aggravate their wives and then give them love pats on their bottom when their wives turn around. I love the way they have seen so much and experienced so much and are able to just relax and enjoy life.

So I guess at this point I’m hoping baby number 3 is a girl so I don’t have to make this decision, or maybe I just need to face the fact that the baby I’m carrying is a super genius and was able to tell me his name at 8 weeks and 4 days.

The meaning of the name Walter is Army Ruler

The origin of the name Walter is English

The meaning of the name Ryan is King

The origin of the name Ryan is Irish

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