Sunday Shorts.

Well I realize I have been missing this past week, I have just been so tired that I have been going to bed early every night. I will try and give you guys a run down of what has been going on in this week’s edition of sunday shorts.

1. I notice that I have been getting really grumpy with my students at school. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the tiredness and the mood swings. I’m planning on working harder at that this week.

2. Danielle and I had a great birthday on Saturday. I got the chance to sleep late that I have been wanting for awhile and we were able to have a pretty lazy saturday morning. In the afternoon Danielle and I took a nap together and when we got up we went out on our birthday date. Our date was dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack and then off to the movie tavern for dessert and Gnomeo and Juliet. It was great to hear the kids laughing at the jokes in the movie.

3. Sunday we had Danielle’s birthday party out at the Hubster’s family. It was nice to just sit outside and let the wind blow. Sometimes I just need that quiet time in the country.

4. I’ve always liked frozen fruit, but lately I have had a bowl of frozen dewberries (black berries if you grew up in East Texas) every night. I sprinkle sugar on them while they are still frozen and then let them thaw out just enough for them to still be cold, but to be soft. Well the other night I was enjoying one of bowls of berries and with one bite I was taken back to my grandma’s kitchen. We had been outside picking dewberries all day and she was in the process of making a fresh dewberry pie. No I didn’t eat the pie, but I do remember sneaking bites of the dewberry mixture that she was going to bake in the pie. I don’t know what brought that memory up, but it was a very nice one.

5. I LOVE Apple juice! I have had a whole pitcher to myself this weekend. I just can’t seem to get enough.

6. This week looks to be a pretty uneventful one and I am grateful for that. I have even told Hubster that he was required to keep me from breaking my “we don’t leave the house on Saturday” rule.

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