Not so odd after all!

Well after my first doctor’s appointment, I felt that I would be in better hands with my doctor that delivered my other two babies. So today I went back to my first doctor. It was so much nicer to be in capable hands again! However now we have a new due date for Obi.

It’s October 8, 2011!! There are two good things about that date. The first is that it’s got two even numbers in it! The second is that it’s my grandpa’s birthday.

So we are back down two weeks, but it will be ok. I am starting to feel more sick and my energy is going downhill quick. We won’t know the gender of the baby until about the middle of May. Though according to the Chinese Gender Calendar, it’s a boy.

My next doctor’s appointment isn’t until almost the end of March, but for now I have a cute little picture of my ultrasound on the fridge!

 BabyFetus Ticker

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