Play with me please….

Ok it is way too early to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, but there is something about just being pregnant that makes you want to play around with baby names. Hubster refuses to play with me on names until we know the gender of the baby. So will you guys play??

I can’t promise that any of these will win, and I can’t promise that I will tell you guys when we make our decision. When I was pregnant with Veronica we didn’t tell anyone her name until she was born, but with Danielle we let it slip on accident.

So I ask you to vote and tell me what you think. Most of the middle names are family names. Right now I’m in love with the name Liam, but hubster says it isn’t a strong name. We would go with Jacob in a heartbeat, but sadly pop culture is winning that battle and hubster doesn’t want his son being thought of as this Jacob for the rest of his life.

I must confess I'm Team Jacob all the way!!

Just click on the little box below and it will let you give each name a thumbs up or a thumbs down. There are more boys names then girls, because right now I’m honestly feeling like it’s a boy. Once we know for sure I’ll adjust the list.

VOTE on my Name List

Thomas and James are family names on both sides of the family. Blaine is in honor of my grandpa. I have always felt that should I have a boy his name should be Ryan. Hubster’s name means King and Ryan means Little King, and that is just too precious for words. 🙂

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