The question….

So with all the friends and family around this weekend I was introduced to a bunch a people. Ones that I knew, ones that I didn’t know, and ones that I was supposed to do. Well as it has been known to happen in a big crowds, news of the baby spread like wildfire. So I was asked about my daughters and how they were coping with the news. I was asked how they were doing in school. Then I was asked THE QUESTION:

I was asked if now that I was going to have 3 kids if I was going to stay home with them. Of course I did a silly little giggle and said, no. This has always been the plan. My husband and I both agree that if it were possible for one of us to stay home, he would make the better house wife. I stay home with my kids two months out of every year, and yes I love those days with my girls. I love coming up with fun things for us to do. I love taking things slow and just cuddling the girls and watching movies.

I also love 5:00 when hubster gets home from work. I also love August when we all go back to school. Some women are meant to stay home with their kids. Some women are awesome at it. I am not that woman. However it doesn’t mean I love my children any less. It doesn’t mean that my kids are neglected. It just means that my family and I are working the way that works best for us.

So while I was upset at the time, and it really made me feel very small, I know that I make the best choices for my kids.

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