Arrest me please!

I feel like I have committed some type of nerd crime tonight. Hubster has a new game he is playing. It can only be played on a pc. Well we are a mac family. We both own iphones, macbook pros, and even use ipads, PC’s are really a joke in our household. Hubster will take a chance with a pc every once in awhile when it comes to gaming, but that is all!!

Well tonight he wanted me to play his new game, interwebz I think he is trying to get me hooked. Well we have a wireless mouse and keyboard in our bedroom and our PC hooked up to our t.v., that way we don’t have to have a desk, or an ugly computer out in the open. It’s all about compromise. 🙂

So anyway while I was testing out this new game. I picked up my macbook, put it on my lap (like I usually do) and then closed it and rested the wireless keyboard on top of it!! I know somewhere there are nerds and geeks screaming in pain at even the thought of use a macbook as a lap desk to play on a PC. It was just the most comfortable and easy thing to do.

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