So cold it will freeze your eyeball juice!!

Well this week has been wild and crazy! It’s friday morning and I’m still in bed because half of Texas has a snow day! I will admit that I woke up early this morning and looked out the window hoping to have the chance to wake up my girls so we could go build a snowman. Nope no snow (big shock), just a “wintery mix”. Which means cold, cold rain and ice. Oh well I’m not one to complain about a 3 day weekend, especially when there is so much to get done around my house.

My puppy Zeus had a pretty rough week too. He went to the doctor and got snipped. He has been so pathetic since, giving me those big puppy dog eyes and trying to make me feel bad for him. I am a sucker for his puppy dog eyes. So he has been getting lots of extra attention.

I’m still feeling fine. No major morning sickness, so naturally that makes me worry. It’s kind of funny, but with this pregnancy I almost have to remind myself that I’m pregnant, with my girls they reminded me every day. I know it’s still soon. I just remind myself that my other two kids were born on the exact day that they needed to be, timing could not have been better. Looking at when this baby is due and actually 100% perfect as well. Yes I’m scared to start the new school year with a sub. However with my 3rd trimester being in the summer, I’m able to go back to my awesome doctor that delivered my other two babies. That’s something I wouldn’t be able to do during school. Maybe since this one is so different it’s a boy?!? 🙂

Today our blog title is brought to you by a 5th grader. The things you hear while walking in the hallways.

2 thoughts on “So cold it will freeze your eyeball juice!!

  1. I was disappointed in the lack of snow, too…but OMG! The cars are covered in a quarter inch of perfectly-molded ice. It’s beautiful! …though, nearly impossible to get a picture of.

    Happy Ice Day!

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