Where the magic happens??

Last night as hubster I were settling into bed we were watching t.v., only this time it wasn’t a show we were watching. It was the visualizer for itunes. We always go to sleep with our good night music playing and last night we got caught up in watching the pictures dance around in rhythm to the music.

When I saw pin cushions and disco balls, hubster saw reactions within the nervous system. When I saw butterflies dancing in a green meadow, hubster saw atoms being town apart. I saw the simple things in life and my husband saw those more complex things that few people understand. It was funny to me to listen to the different things we saw in something so simple. What was probably the most silly thing we did last night was the most relaxing.

So folks there you have it, the romance between hubster and I. 🙂

So interwebz tell me what you see.

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