Well I’m glad that’s over with!

Yesterday was a bad day!! I can’t say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, because honestly I’m not sure I ever went to sleep. This head cold I have had was about to kill me. I was overwhelmed with what needs to be done in the house and my desire to just spend the day curled up in bed trying to over come this cold.

I decided I could be of best use hiding in the play room with the girls and unpacking those boxes, well that didn’t go over very well. I constant “she’s not helping”, “no put that there”, “mommy this is fun to play with” was not getting anything done and just making me feel worse. I went and took my temperature only to find out that it was really low. I had forgotten how protective hubster is when I’m pregnant. So as soon as I told him my temp. he said “your blood pressure’s low, get to bed”. Personally I was excited that it meant I didn’t have a fever.

So I found a way to get some work done while in bed and slowly I went through some boxes, throwing stuff away and storing other things. It’s nice when you can take 3 boxes and condense it down to one.

So after I took a short nap, hubster started feeling bad. All of that combined with making sure the girls were ready to go for their evening out with their Granny, I snapped. I yelled. I cried. I threw boxes and bags away hoping to find the missing pair of shoes. Once the girls were out of the house and hubster and I were alone, we got dressed and went out to get me some real medicine. Just walking around wal-mart actually helped calm me down a bit. I came home had a nice cold class of chocolate milk, took my meds and went to sleep. This morning I feel more rested then I have in while (though I can tell it’s time for the meds again). Here’s hoping we can get some stuff done around the house today.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! There is a slow, steady rain going on outside. I’m thinking of opening the windows. 🙂

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