That’s much better!!!

Well today was much better than yesterday! It started with ribs and eggs for breakfast. We were able to find the living room floor (HUGE improvement), and get stuff put in the storage shed. I took some meds that knocked me out so I was able to have an awesome nap.

Then hubster and I set outside and watched the girls play in the swings and slide down the slide. After a nice long break we went back to work. Hubster cooked dinner while I sat at the dining room table coloring with my girls and watching the rain fall outside. It was a much better day.

Now on to our regular blog feature “The Sunday Shorts”:

1. After I type this I will finish book two of the Hunger Games series. I’m loving it!! It well on my way of reading 12 books this year.

2. I have been sleeping better since I got the new medicine. I’m hoping to have more energy this week at work.

3. I’m a little nervous for this week. I’m going to give my first technology district training to the school district. Everything will go fine, I’ve been teaching technology to my faculty every month. This people just aren’t part of my school family so it makes me a little nervous.

4. One more week until I leave my family and go hang in Austin for almost a week!! It work related so it won’t be all fun and games, but I’m still looking forward to it.

5. I would like to take a second and personally thank the creators at Dole for one of their lovely juices. I am working on my finishing my 3rd jug in a week!! Have no fear, I bought two at the store yesterday so I have a back up when I finish this one.

6. Little Oddball has graduated to a sweetpea! I like watching when the baby changes into a new fruit.

Danielle coloring her hands.
Veronica coloring a picture of a cat to look like sassy.

 BabyFruit Ticker

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