Update on the oddball.

Ok so the nickname is a work in progress. I’m not going to go around calling this baby oddball for 9 months, even if it is going to be my only child born in an odd year.

I went to the doctor today and he figured out I’m about 4 or 5 weeks along. He gave me an estimated due date of Sept. 25. We will get a better due date as the baby grows and the doctor can measure it more. My next doctor’s appointment will be Feb. 21st and it will be with the doctor that delivered my other two kids. She is far away, but I trust her.

So here is information about the baby:

First heartbeats begin – If you have an early ultrasound you may not be able to recognize this tiny being as a baby, but there is no mistaking what it feels like seeing your child’s heartbeat on that screen. That rhythmic beat is echoed in your own heart.

• Umbilical cord develops – This is your baby’s lifeline in utero. It bears the responsibility of pumping in oxygen, removing waste, and supplying the necessary nutrients for the remainder of your pregnancy.

• Blood is now pumping – All four heart chambers are now functioning, insuring your baby’s body will receive all it needs over not only the remainder of your pregnancy but throughout life.

• Most other organs begin to develop – Your infant’s lungs start to appear, along with her brain. Already your little one is preparing for a quest for lifelong learning!

• Arm and leg buds appear – While they may not appear to be much at this stage it is ok to dream of the future. Just imagine your ballerina twirling and jumping around your kitchen floor. Or perhaps you will have the precocious boy that throws the perfect pitch — right through the neighbor’s window.

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