Everything Happens for a reason

When Rex and I made the decision to move into our new house we both were very happy about the extra money that we would be getting. There was one moment when he looked at me and said “you know 400.00 is enough to pay for an extra day care”. I looked back at him and said “Shut your mouth!”

Well once again God has provided for us. The major hang up with having a 3rd child was the cost of daycare. Now it seems with that problem out of the way, the 3rd child is on the way.

I’m excited! I’m nervous! I’m happy! I’m scared! I’m thrilled! I’m 1,000 different emotions all at once.

I’m not really sure when I am due, as you guys know I have had some issues with things happening on time and in order. I can tell you that on December 27th I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, on January 23rd it was positive. I took another test on January 24th just to make sure. So today I am pregnant!! I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday and hopefully they will be able to give me a due date. We have told our family and friends. I never was very good a keeping exciting secrets.

I will try my best not to share those gross pregnancy things with you interwebz, but I will be documenting milestones and sharing exciting news as we get it.


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