Sunday Shorts

Well here is it Sunday afternoon, time for me to wrap up the week and give small highlights for the next week coming. I have a lot running around in my mind, so I’m hoping I keep these short. 🙂

1. We have a lot of crap!! This weekend we FINALLY got everything moved from the old house to the new one. Interwebz it is crazy how much stuff we have. I’m sad to report that with all these piles everywhere it’s going to be alittle longer before you get house pictures. Those some before and after pictures would help you understand when I say we have lots of stuff!

2. Since I became pregnant with Veronica I have thought about the perfect time to take my kids to Disney World. Of course I want them old enough to remember, but I also want them young enough to feel the magic of the Magic Kingdom. Well hubster has been hell bent on waiting until Danielle was at least 5, until this weekend. We have a plan that we are both willing to go with. It will take a lot of hard work and changing some bad habits we both have but it would be wonderful. So here’s to us making those changes so we can have the family vacation that my little princesses will adore.

3. George Strait strikes again! While driving around today I heard a new George Strait song and as usual with George, I started to cry. There is just something about those simple words he sings that make them hit home. I believe there is a whole blog about that song to come at a later date.

4. I have decided to start a second blog. Don’t worry interwebz I’m not going to desert this one. I figure on this blog I am a wife and a mother, but I need a blog where I’m a teacher. I’m about to teach a class on how to use blogs in the classroom and well I want to be honest, so I’m going to do it! It’s going to be my science teacher + geek blog.

5. Zeus is very happy at his new home. He stays outside during the day and just sleeps when he gets in the house. It’s really kind of nice to have such a happy puppy.

6. Tomorrow at school starts my favorite six weeks! I get to start teaching about Astronomy!! The kids love it and I love it. We have so much fun. Though I must say I’m surprised I have never gotten a call from a student’s parents, because when they ask questions like “is there life on other planets?” and “is the world going to end in 2012?” I answer them honestly and with what I know to be the truth from my research. It’s such a fun topic to discuss!

7. It’s been getting really cold here in the evenings. I love it…I just wish it wouldn’t warm up so much in the mornings. Silly weather like that makes it hard to get rid of this head cold I have.

8. We don’t have anything too exciting planned for this week, or even next. We are just going to be working on making our house a home. It’s going to be wonderful family time.

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