Worded Wednesday

Well interwebz I don’t have pictures for you today. We have been pretty busy around here with moving and such. I had intended to make today a wordless Wednesday about the house, but I’m not sharing pictures of the house the way it looks right now. However, that’s the plan for the weekend so next Wednesday you guys will get house pictures.

This isn’t the first time I have moved, but I have come to some realizations about moving. The first is that while I am on zoloft and while it is helping sometimes I need a “booster”. I jokingly said even though I’m taking pills sometimes I need a shot for certain situations. As soon as those words were out of my mouth I realized that they were actually true. Day to day the pills work great, but there are some cases where a shot of the medicines would be helpful. Just those more stressful times, like moving and such. I know it’s not possible, but it’s something for me to think about. It shows me that I still need to learn how to handle some situations. I need to learn how to relax more in the more crazy times.

The second realization is that I check out mentally and emotionally. I have done that with the old house. Since I have been sleeping in the new house I find it hard to care about the things that are still at the old house. I know I need to. I know we still have stuff to go back there and get. My wedding dress is still in the closet. I want my wedding dress, I will have it. I’m just having trouble caring about going back and cleaning up and getting everything up. We have until Saturday and we have a plan about getting it all out, I just needed to get motivated.

You know now that they are both in writing maybe my realizations are connected. Maybe if I deal with my stress (moving) I’ll be able to handle it better and then I won’t feel so disconnected about the stuff that still needs to be done. Maybe it’s more stressful on my then I realized. Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy about our new home. I’m very excited to be moving. It’s just the dealing with everything that goes along with it that I don’t like (though I’m sure no one does).

Wow that wasn’t really where I expected this blog to go, but I guess I needed it to. I promise more uplifting posts once I get through this week.

One thought on “Worded Wednesday

  1. That’s ok, I do the same thing when I move too, I think it’s natural you are excited about the new place and want to put all your energy into it. Then I think too it’s kind of ” it’s hard to say goodbye” kind of thing too so you avoid it by not thinking about it.

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