Handing over my title…

After my relaxing bubble bath with my m&m’s and a good book I have decided it’s best to hand over my title of “Planner Supreme”. Let me go back a few weeks first so this story makes sense. ::cue fuzzy screen and flash back::

My family and I have been living in a fairly nice place. It’s next door to my school, it’s next door to the place where Veronica goes to gymnastics, it’s across the street from Danielle’s daycare. All around it’s in the perfect location. Well there were many wonderful things about the house and honestly only 3 things I wanted to change: 1. the size of the backyard. 2. the amount of windows in the house and 3. the cost of living there per month.

So hubster and I decided that we would start putting our feelers out for a new house. We searched and googled, and talked to friends for about 2 months and then I started to get impatient. So we took a day and went to talk to some people about loans and such.

Well to our excitement we were approved and were almost ready to get the ball rolling, but there was one small problem. So we had to drop that idea. 8 days later a house in our neighborhood had for rent signs posted in front of it. On a whim I had my husband call. To spare you guys all the details let me just say that at exactly one week from seeing the rent house, I had my bed moved in and was sleeping in my new home!!

::cue fuzzy screen and back to present day::

So at this point I am finally ready to say that I am not the best planner in the world. Sure I can set up an awesome family fun day and one heck of a romantic date but when it comes to the big life altering things God is a much better planner then I am. He has made sure that everything happened in just the right order and at just the right time for me and my family.

Having said that I have decided to stop taking my fertility drugs that I was taking. I have decided that Hubster and I were able to have 2 wonderful children on our own without any help at all and if we are meant to have more then God will make it all work and our next child will fit into our family just as perfectly. I am just to the point that I don’t want to force something to happen that maybe isn’t meant to be.

I promise pictures of the new house as we get it fixed up.

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