Back to the daily grind….

Well vacation is officially over! I’ve gone back to work and the students have come back to class. Things are picking up right where the left off. We are about to start studying one of my favorite subjects in the whole wide world….astronomy!! The kids even love it when I teach it, because it’s so easy to get me off on a tangent about nebulas, black holes of even aliens. Oh and in my class…pluto is a planet (a dwarf planet, but we still talk about it). 🙂

At dinner last night Veronica asked for the weekly family plan as she always does at the beginning of the week. I told her a big fat NOTHING, was in the plans for the week. Sure we have computer club, gymnastics, science meetings..the usuals, but otherwise nothing!! Believe it or not as much as I like to plan, I do tend to plan “nothing” times. Yes it’s best if I plan them because that’s the only way I can assure they will happen.

Since I’m back to it let me give you guys a Joy and Frustration:

Joy my Joy for this week is going to have to be my new guilty pleasure The Tudors. I came across it because of Netflix. I am just ending the first season (10 episodes) so I will keep you guys updated. I’m still not so patiently waiting for more seasons of Weeds and TruBlood to come on netflix.

Frustration My frustration for this week would have to be my alarm clock. It keeps ringing every morning and I can’t seem to stop it. I will get use to it again, and just when I do it will be Spring Break!

So as I sit here with Danielle hanging over my shoulder begging me to go to “next flips” so she can watch a movie, and hubster is in the kitchen making dinner, I’m just relaxing and letting everything from the day fall where it may. Sometimes those are the best times.

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