A wonderful way to start a week.

Well Christmas Day came and went as it always does. We were with hubsters family, enjoying time out in the country. The cold front that was promised to me finally came in so that helped with my Christmas cheer. I am a proud Texan, but I hate wearing shorts on Christmas Day. The girls received lots of electronic gadgets this year for Christmas. I guess that’s just a sign that my kids are growing up. Earlier in the week we had arranged for the kids to spend the night with the granny and pawpaw for two nights, so hubster and I returned from Christmas day.

Sunday was declared “Princess Day”. I was woken up to pancakes in bed and treated to a morning full of nothing but t.v. watching. See I love to watch t.v., but hubster well not so much. So any chance I get with his attention just on me and the t.v. I enjoy. After catching up with season 3 of sanctuary, I took a 4 hour nap. Have I ever said how much I love my naps?

Then it was time for dinner. I guess hubster was feeling in a weird mood after all that t.v. watching because he offered to take me out to dinner. Again something he hates to do. I took him up on the offer and we went out and had margaritas. Then it was back home to play some WoW until we both crashed and went to bed.

Now the girls are back home and the house is clean. I have been so relaxed these last couple of days, I find myself hunting for things to stress about just so I feel “normal” again. Not big things, just small little things to occupy my worry spot. I hope the rest of this week goes by really slowly, so I can enjoy all of my time before heading back to work.

I know this post was kinda boring, but I promise a wonderful wordless wednesday, a tear jerking end of the year slide show, and a vomit inducing romantic 8th anniversary post. So hopefully this will be the last boring post of this week.

Danielle helping me pay the bills.

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