Best. Night. Ever.

Well I’m actually going to start with the day yesterday day. I got my Christmas gift from my hubby early. I must admit it was nice to get to use it right away. I can’t wait to get the pasta attachments. This machine will do anything and everything! It also has a timer with an auto shut off. I love it!

Yes he did awesome!

We obviously made our noodles as you read in the previous post. However we also made one of my favorites sausage balls. I guess I should be honest and say Danielle made them. šŸ™‚

Then it was time to make some cookies that have brought laughter to all my families holiday baking. I remember sitting at my grandparents dining room table with my aunt and cousins and just laughing like crazy while we were making these. I present to you our poo-poo cookies.

What we put in the cookies, just so you don't question my sanity.
I give you the ummmm cookie šŸ™‚

Of course we pinch small pieces off the log and put them on a cookie sheet, but honestly how many of you could make those with a straight face?

Veronica and Danielle made some peanut butter bon-bons with their Matka. Those were really really good, especially after you coat them in chocolate.

Measuring peanut butter is a tough job.

The day ended with Danielle getting to spend the night at Matka’s and Veronica having a very special night with her mommy. We kicked Daddy to the couch and put in the first Harry Potter movie. Then to make the experience even better I made both of us virgin margaritas. As we were cuddling under the covers sipping our drinks and watching our movie, Veronica said “Mommy this is the best night ever”. I couldn’t agree more Veronica!

Today it’s off to Matka’s house again. Sugar cookies, homemade Chicken noodle soup with the noodles we made yesterday, gifts and family time. But first I’m going to enjoy the soft pillows and warm covers while I listen to Hubster and Veronica make me breakfast. Have I mentioned I love this time of year??

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