Traditions never get old.

It’s a czech tradition that how thin you cut your noodles depends on how good of a wife you will be. Today my daughters and I got a noodle cutting lesson from Matka. The first and most important ingredient was fresh yard eggs, not store bought eggs. A wonderful friend of mine let us come out to her house to get fresh eggs from her chickens. These eggs were so fresh, she picked the chicken off the nest so we could reach under her.

So now that we had our eggs, we were ready to make our noodles.

Danielle cracking the eggs.

Mixed with nothing more then eggs and flour, this noodle recipe has been passed down for generations in my family.

The girls measured the flour very carefully.

After mixing the flour and the eggs it was time for Danielle to dump flour at all over the table. That is the key step to kneading and rolling out the dough.

Both girls got to roll out their own dough.

It’s important to get the dough so think that you can almost see thru it without making any holes. After that you have to lay it flat and let it dry for a few hours, but not too long.

Veronica drying out the dough

Fast forward a few hours! We are now ready to cut the noodles. First you have to fold them very carefully.

I remember when I was little standing in my grandma’s kitchen watching her old and experienced hands gently cut those noodles. I was always amazed that she never cut her fingers, but she worked so fast and furious. She had an amazing mixture of strength and gentleness.

Once Daddy had it figured out he showed Veronica how to do it.
Now she is ready to try it on her own.
Danielle wanted to try to cut some noodles herself.

After the noodles are cut it’s important to separate them and shake them up. This keeps them from sticking together.

The girls mixing up the noodles.
I think any Czech would agree that my girls and I would make wonderful wives!

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