Joy and Frustration

Joy Well this week I have lots of joys. I had my formal evaluation at school today, so it’s nice to have that over with. I was able to pick up one more thing for Veronica for Christmas that she is going to LOVE! We are having a door decorating contest at school, so the whole school is looking like Christmas. There are only 8 1/2 days left until Christmas vacation.

FrustrationMy to do list at home just keeps getting longer and longer. I know that it will always be there, but there are things that are a lot more important. My other frustration is that I haven’t even looked at the pictures on my camera yet. I’m hoping to pull them off tomorrow and share them with you guys.

This evening I had a little bit of extra fun. After getting the kids home I drove to my mom’s house and picked her up. I made her get out of her pj’s and come to wal-mart with me. Sometimes it’s fun to be a little crazy!!

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