Sunday Shorts

1. We have had an awesome time as a family getting out Christmas stuff together. I promise tons of posts with pictures and stories soon!

2. Our Christmas tree is the tallest one yet, Veronica had to get on a ladder to put the Angel on the top. Usually her daddy can hold her up.

3. I know I have said it numerous times, but Friday night at our faculty Christmas party just re-confirmed it. I work with some truly amazing people.

4. We didn’t make it to Breakfast with Santa this weekend…but don’t worry I have it planned for next weekend!

5. I am totally excited about something I’m planning over the Christmas Holidays!! I’m not telling the kids because it’s going to be a surprise. So I’m not going to tell you guys either. 😛

6. I’m hoping by the end of the evening there are no grumpies in my house so we can attend the annual One night in Bethlehem that a church in our town does. I haven’t taken the girls in a long time.

7. I promise to post lots of pictures this evening, there are just a few things to get done around the house.

I hope everyone is having as wonderful a weekend as I am! 🙂

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