Frustration and Frustration

Well I have had those weeks where my Joy and Frustrations have both been joys and I had to think really hard about a frustration. Well this week I’m having to think really hard about a joy. No it’s not THAT bad, but right now somethings are just getting to me.

So here are my frustrations:

1. I’m not usually one to let the negativity of work rub off on me, but tensions are high and I can’t be cheerful all the time. Hopefully a good nights sleep and an awesome day at work tomorrow will clear all of that up.

2. I tried out a new technology in my classroom on monday and I’m not totally sure I liked it. Sure the kids loved it, but I’m still not totally sold on it.

3. I haz a sad! My spider Sasha has died. I don’t know how it happened. It was over the holidays while I was gone. I fed her and I watered her. She had a heater to keep her warm. I’m sad because I don’t know how I’m going to tell my students. She ment so much to everyone at that school. Even the superintendent of schools came by to see her. She started out as just a personal thing for me and turned into another classmate for my students. Even students I don’t know have been handing me “spider snacks” in the hallway. I know I need to tell them, and I will, I just don’t think I can do it without crying.

So as I search for a Joy this week, I find that on Friday night my school is having their Christmas party. I’m excited about it because planning this Christmas party was part of my negative thoughts I as having about work.

I just hope the weather gets cold for our day of cutting down our Christmas tree!

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