Dancing Hippos

Ok interwebz admit it, how many of you had this image in your head when you read that title?

Walt Disney's Fantasia

Well that wasn’t what I meant, even though I had the same thought today.

It all started with our “Griswald” adventure. My family has a habit of planning one thing for a certain day and then just letting the day happen. So that is how our day began.

We headed to the movies to see Tangled. It was a very cute movie, and I never pass up a chance to see my 2 year old sitting in a movie theater with a bag of popcorn, a soda wearing 3D glasses.

Then we had an awesome lunch at Red Lobster. I will never turn away at the chance for those cheddar biscuits. They are wonderful.

After that we headed to the zoo. It’s a small zoo, but we like it because the kids can run around. There’s no fear of huge crowds or not being safe. You can get up close and personal with the animals, and see everything from tigers, to bears, to raccoons. Well that last stop at the zoo was the hippos. Now this zoo has a glass wall where you can see into their pool, and those hippos were in a playing mood. They are jumping and rolling around. They would swim really fast up to the window and then jump right in front of us. There was a couple of times that we all jumped thinking we were about to be covered in water and trampled by hippos. They would get out of the water and run around the pool and then jump in. The would come right up to the glass and I swear they were looking back at us. It was like they were putting on a show just for us. We finally left when they kicked us out because they were closing. It was only then that the hippos got out of the water and made sounds….like they were telling us good bye and good night.

Then it was off to get some ice cream at one of our favorite places.

As the sun was going down and our day was ending, everyone fell asleep in the car dreaming of dancing hippos. Today turned out to be a wonderful adventure for our family. We all enjoyed it.

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