Spoiled Rotten

So the other night Hubster and I were lying in bed talking about Christmas presents. He said he didn’t know what he was going to do for me yet, but that he wasn’t open to ideas. So I proceeded to tell him that I didn’t think he spoiled me enough. I told him that I didn’t feel I was very spoiled at all; cue roaring laughter from hubster’s side of the bed!!

So I have had a few things happen to be in the last half of the week that have helped me realize just how spoiled I am. Sure he might not think to change the pillow cases when he changes the sheets on the girls beds. So what if he is an enabler to my awful laundry habits. Even though he brings home stupid mindless games and downloads them on laptop so I get suckered into playing them for hours, he still spoils me.

The game he brought home!

He tells me to go out and have drinks with the girls from work even after he has stayed home with a 102 fever all day. He cleans the house while I’m off having pizza with the kids. He makes the bed EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. before we crawl into it to go to sleep. He lays out my pajamas for me while I’m in the shower, though I do need to work on his taste in my sleeping clothes. He enjoys cooking and washing the dishes! He let’s me sleep late every weekend, and will even go sleep on the couch so the girls don’t come into our room in the mornings.

The only thing that pains me about my hubster is that it seems like the is the only one out there like him. From listening to the women at work, I just don’t understand why they are still with their men. I would be long gone. I’m really sort of sad about this whole thing because right now my bestie (you know the one with the new baby) is having a hard time. I want to give her the best advice I can. I want to tell her it will be ok and to work through it, and to talk to her husband; but what do I really know about relationships when I have been so spoiled in mine for the last 8 years. I know the relationships that those around me have are the “norm”, where the wives have their jobs and the husbands have their jobs. In those houses there are “woman’s work” and “man’s work”, and the kids are ALWAYS the responsibility of the women.

So yes I realize I am spoiled, and I’m spoiled very badly. However, my whole family is better off because of it. I just wish there were more men out there that knew how to spoil their women.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to judge anyone’s marriage. I know that each couple is different, and has their own way of making it work for them. I am just saying that from what other people tell me, it seems that my marriage is not normal and that most other couples get into marriages planning to live miserable for the rest of their lives.

One thought on “Spoiled Rotten

  1. Well, tell Rex to stop it.He making me look bad. Mary wants me to take pointers from this.I told her I did help. What is on the bed after a shower , is whatshe should wear. Nothing,and it save on the laundry too. I’ll cook the dinner and you’ll clean up. Its a 50/50 deal. But she still wants me to take pointers, don’t figure. 😉

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