Saturday Shorts

Well I have two long posts rolling around in my head right now. Hopefully I will have more energy to get them out, right now I’m kinda sleepy.

1. The flu has hit our house, hopefully it has left. It just got hubster, but he is better and so far none of us are sick…..::keeps fingers crossed::

2. I GOT TO SEE HARRY POTTER THIS MORNING!!! (yes I needed to yell that. )

3. I am almost completely done Christmas shopping for my girls! It’s an awesome feeling and I think they are really, really going to enjoy their presnets.

4. Today a bought a second fish tank for my classroom, it’s nothing big. It’s just to move my goldfish into a tank by himself and get some guppies.

5. Next week I only have to work for 2 days!! WooHoo!

6. I love the way my puppy looks in his new sweater.

7. Hubster got me hooked on a new computer game. It’s so stupid, it’s fun. šŸ™‚

8. I have realized that this blog has become a topic of conversation a lot around my house. Veronica will say things like “that’s funny mommy, go blog about it”, or “that’s embarrassing mommy don’t blog that” (unless of course it’s about her little sister). So I made Veronica a blog. I told her she could write about whatever she wanted. Surprisingly she was really really excited about this thought. I think for awhile I’ll have to help her type them, but that’s no problem. Once we get it started and stuff, I’ll get her permission to post the link. šŸ™‚

9. On Thanksgiving Day the high for the day is 50!! Woohoo. I love cold weather!

10. I really need to find time to start reading again, my students are yelling at me for not finishing my books!

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