Fast Fact Fri…Saturday.

I had planned to type this post up yesterday, but with 50’s day and Fall dance day it just didn’t happen.

My fast facts today are centered around alone time. We all need it at some point and when we get it we do things that we wouldn’t normally do in front of other people. This next week I am going to be alone. Hubster is going to training, so the girls and I will have the house to ourselves. I’m not to excited about it because I miss him when he’s gone, but I will get to enjoy some alone time once the girls are asleep.

So what will I enjoy in those 3 hours every evening between the girl’s bedtime and mine?

1. I will watch crap t.v. Hubster doesn’t like a lot of t.v. so when I get the chance to just watch hours of drama I take it.

2. Read, I am way behind on my reading list so I’m hoping to catch up.

3. I’ll play some computer games. It’s the best way for hubster and I to talk while he’s away.

4. Clean. I’m not sure why it works out this way, but when hubster isn’t here I spend more time cleaning. Maybe it’s because that’s a nervous habit of mine, or maybe it’s because with him gone it’s ok for me to be crazy OCD cleaning lady.

So it will be a hard week for me taking care of the girls alone, and I won’t sleep as well, but at least I’ll get to have some alone time. Then when Hubster gets home, I get to go away for a few days for training. i wonder what he will do with his alone time.

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