Sunday Shorts

1. I had a wonderful weekend. I got to spend the whole time alone and relaxing. I have not been feeling 100% (you know cough and scratchy throat), so the time to lay in bed was wonderful for me.

2. Part of the reason I was alone was because Hubster took the girls to visit his family. I was sad I couldn’t go, but it was best with how sick his Grandpa has become.

3. Friday was an awesome day!! School was wonderful and the homecoming game was good, but crowded.

4. This week looks to be really good. Not as busy as last week, but still pretty fun.

5. Friday night is a school dance!! I always have a good time at those, because I’m in charge of spinning the tunes. 🙂

6. I wish the weather would realize that it’s October and it needs to get cold.

7. My plans for the holidays are shaping up nicely. I’m adjusting them so we can stay in town and keep Hubster close to his family.

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