Spiders are amazing creatures.

So when I was hired as a science teacher, Hubster made a comment that all good science teachers have a class pet. I just ignored him and barely survived my first year of teaching. However after my first year of teaching I felt the need for a pet so I got a fish.

Then I started to feel the need for something more “interesting”. So this year I decided on a rosy haired tarantula.

So I went to my principal and got permission for the new classmate and the fun began. The kids got excited when I learned I could order it and they were the first to know when her habitat arrived. I had decided to give the students a sense of family in the spider. I wanted them to feel compassion for her. So we voted on a name and celebrated her arrival.

The room was decorated in spider webs.
There was a welcome home sign

The whole school got involved in the arrival of Sasha. The whole front office was wearing spider rings, and even kids I didn’t know were asking me if she had arrived yet, and when they would get to see her. We tracked her arrival on the computer, and when the office called to tell me I had a package, I left the kids and ran to the front office. I was as proud as a mom holding a brand new baby when I was walking down the hallway back to my classroom holding that box. The students cheered when I walked in the room. I was happy that Hubster was in my room when I got back. He was in charge of delivering Sasha’s first snack of crickets. So he helped me take her out of the box and get her put in her home.

Sasha is home now. Even the kids who are afraid of her have taken to looking at her. Though they want me there with them, to protect them. I know that we all have a lot to learn from our new classmate. Sasha was loved by a bunch of kids before she even arrived.


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