10-10-10 Shorts

1. Well yes it is Sunday and yes these are the shorts for the weekend, but with it being such a special day I couldn’t resist putting the date in the title.

2. Everyone has tried on their wings to get ready for next weekend. I’m so excited.

3. There is something surprisingly calming about the sound of a sewing machine going in the background.

4. I’ve started thinking about Christmas shopping for the girls. I really want to get V something more grown up. I’m thinking a Nintendo DS…but and ipad is just so much more useful. Though the DS is cheaper. Not sure what to do there. She’d be happy with a Barbie, but we won’t buy them for her.

5. This next week is going to be AWESOME! We have no kids on Monday, Wednesday is lab day, Thursday is a test day and Friday I’m taking off. So I only have to teach one day next week!!

6. I’m taking off Friday because my girls are in need of shots and if I don’t get Danielle’s shot record up to date she won’t be allowed back to the daycare she goes to.

7. My girls stayed upstairs and left Hubster and I alone until 8:30 this morning. I don’t know what made them do it, but I wish they would do it more often.

8. I have been reading about the Crystal Caves in Mexico the last few days. I would love to visit them, if only it wouldn’t kill me. 🙂

They have to wear iced down suites because they are so deep into the Earth.

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