Things I’m Looking forward to…

Well with only 2 1/2 months left to this year I must confess that I am looking forward to a lot of different things. The last 3 months of every year are always kinda crazy, but I make it that way because I love it.

So here are the things coming up that I just can’t wait to get here!

1. Ren Fest Day with my girls (don’t worry there will be at least one blog about it).

2. Halloween Dance at the school. I’m actually the one crazy teacher that enjoys these. The kids are having fun, I get to dance around and play music.

3. Science conference. Every year since I got with hubster he has left for at least 4 days a year to go out of town to a conference. This year I get to return the favor. I’m headed away from my family, away from my kids and away from my job for a few days to learn things to help me be a better teacher. I’m so excited.

4. Harry Potter!!!! I have read every book, I have seen every movie. Most of the movies I have seen at the midnight opening. I am excited for these last two movies though very sad that we are nearing the end.

5. Taking the girls to a SHSU football game. My girls have been very excited about football games every Friday evening. This year we happen to not have plans on the evening of a college football game. So I thought I would take the opportunity and take my family to a college football game.

6. A trip back home to see the Christmas lights. I have told you guys how much I love Christmas.

7. Christmas Trees. Last year we started a family tradition of going to a Christmas Tree farm and chopping down our own tree. I can’t wait to do it again this year.

8. A best friend of ours graduating college. We love you Holley!

That takes us up until schools out for the holidays. I always find myself very excited these last few months of the year. We are busy and running and spending time with family. Oh and it’s cold outside. The colder it gets and the closer we get to these adventures, the more excited I find myself.

Here’s to the last weeks of 2010 and the excitement they hold.

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